About us

The Blanc Notes focuses on Indonesia's fashion industry and serious street style photography. Serious? Yes, visually acceptable.

It started as a creative outlet of these two girls:

Astriani is a fashion enthusiast. She reads fashion magazines spiritually and collects books on fashion and style. She edits her outfit in a manner of a stylist, memorizes designer collections of each season, remembers the name of bags created by high-end fashion houses. A self-made fashion curator. If The Blanc Notes were Vogue, she's Grace Coddington.

Annisa is a contributing writer for ELLE Indonesia and Aquila Asia. She writes, photographs, and writes, and photographs, and writes. A sucker for Annie Leibovitz, Garance Dore and Tommy Ton's pictures, she's also into culture and a lot of nerdy stuffs. She secretly wishes she could work as a full-time street style photographer, and spend all her time discussing fashion.

and what we're doing in The Blanc Notes is simply sending a lot of love for Indonesia's fashion industry.
Grow and never stop.