13 May 2012


and office stuffs are the two main things both me and Astriani have been up to, just in case you guys ask :)

2 Mar 2012

Rexona: Sweat Free Shopping Experience

Snapped by: Astriani

We snapped a picture of this girl (probably a model, no?) on our way to Parkson, a shopping center, on our last holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last year. Take a look on how she combines black tank top, and a Zooey Deschanel-ish skirt with oxford shoes. Perfection.

Shopping is our favorite activity. Yes, in the midst of our city lives—that means Astriani working on her exciting new job and me creeping on books and journals to finally be able to finish my grad school—both of us still enjoy one lunch to talk about our lives, after exclusively having digital meetings via smart phones for months, and strolling around the great city of Jakarta for a whole day of shopping.

17 Feb 2012

Snap on the go: sometimes we forget...

Snapped by: Astriani

...that our culture actually produces this pattern, and look at how brilliant it is.

13 Jan 2012

CLEAR Black Area Party

For those who were lucky enough to catch the performances of Agnes Monica, Ello and Sherina at Djakarta Warehouse Project(DWP) 2011 Black Area by CLEAR last December, we envy you. It was not only because you could get the chance to party-rockin with the awesome performers, but also because that was the first performance of Agnes Monica as CLEAR brand ambassador.

11 Jan 2012

Around Jakarta: The Local Designers

Snapped by: Astriani

We need to show you guys these pictures from Jakarta Fashion Week 2011. It's so last year, but since they look so bananas...

6 Jan 2012

Snap on the go: blazer on the move

Snapped by: Astriani

Jakarta fashion people totally have a cosmic connection with eccentric blazers and jackets, just like this dude here.