13 Jan 2012

CLEAR Black Area Party

For those who were lucky enough to catch the performances of Agnes Monica, Ello and Sherina at Djakarta Warehouse Project(DWP) 2011 Black Area by CLEAR last December, we envy you. It was not only because you could get the chance to party-rockin with the awesome performers, but also because that was the first performance of Agnes Monica as CLEAR brand ambassador.

Oh by the way for those of you who have not known, BLACK AREA by CLEAR is the event to thank CLEAR users to their loyalty to the shampoo and to celebrate the success of CLEAR relaunch.

Agnes Monica herself is no stranger for us, proud Indonesians, or maybe for you guys living overseas. Yes, Agnes is the first Indonesian to co-host and perform in American Music Award Red Carpet. She has also sung duets with Michael Bolton and Keith Martin. Rumour has it that she'sworking on a song with Timbaland and she has also signed a contract with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Fans of singing contest know her as a judge for the last Indonesian Idol, and she has received numerous awards here, both for her music and acting career.

Talented? Yes. Hard-working? True. Beautiful? Agreed. 
We think she's a trendsetter and inspirational figure for Indonesian youth.

And for all those qualities, together with nice and healthy hair, she's now becoming CLEAR’s newest ambassador, joining Sherina, Sandra Dewi, Ello, and Irfan Bachdim on the list. CLEAR has always acknowledged the power of younger generation of Indonesia. Who doesn’t remember the Ayo! Indonesia Bisa campaign, the campaign that supported Indonesian athletes during the 26th SEA Games? Well I do.

Agnes Monica is talented, inspiring and innovative. And I think CLEAR also have the same equity image, thus they picked Agnes to become their ambassador. They’re such a match, and I believe they can support each other.

Well done, girl. And well done, CLEAR.
Oh bye the way, I will share some of the pictures from BLACK AREA by CLEAR here. Well, I wasn’t there but doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the ambiance. And so can you :)

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Mikhaela Cherry said...

wow she look so tanned!