26 Sep 2011

What to Wear to: Wedding Parties (part 1)

Snapped by : Laila

Wedding parties or 'undangan/kondangan/kawinan' celebrate not only the love birds into marriage, but also your skills in presenting yourself as a guest. 

22 Sep 2011

Snap on the go: (in Jakarta, it's) shorts or die!

Snapped by : Laila

Sari Julia,
at The Goods Department, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

With this weather, don't you think shorts should be every Jakartans' bestest friend?


11 Sep 2011

Talk of the Blog with Siti

click on the image for a better view

Interview by Astriani and Annisa
Image: courtesy of Siti

visit Siti's blog: Saturday

8 Sep 2011

Snap on the go: she's shy, but she's got some style**

Snapped by: Annisa

at Taman Suropati, Jakarta

**sorry for the lame title, I mean, she is shy, and she does have some style. Teehee.


7 Sep 2011

Around Jakarta: contemporary art exhibition and the messages within

 Snapped by: Annisa

During the Ramadhan, I and Astriani went to Pacific Place, and somehow we were lucky enough to attend Bazaar Art Jakarta 2011. It was a total coincidence, and it was such a nice experience. And since it was a contemporary art exhibition, things got a bit harder to be understood. You know, not everyone (we mean us) has the same level of comprehension about art, so most of the times we were just laughing, ooh-aah-ing, or shrieking when someone passed by with cool outfit (yeah...that's us)

4 Sep 2011

Talk of the Blog with Evita Nuh

We're so lucky to be able to interview the legendary Evita Nuh, a fashion blogger, started off very young, who keeps on surprising her readers (and Indonesia's fashion industry) with her advanced sense of style.

Now, keep on reading to see her answers to our set of questions

Snap on the go: the milk guy

Snapped by : Laila

2 Sep 2011

Snap on the go: his clutch bag

Snapped by : Laila


Remember when Ario Achda listed man clutch bag as fashion underrated trend? Well, now it's no longer under the radar. In fact, the blogger/stylist's prediction looks so great here, with Rama exhibiting his fondness in colors.

Dudes, please do follow this up and coming trend.

Masih ingat ketika Ario Achda menulis bahwa man clutch bag merupakan trend yang underrated? Well, sekarang trend ini mulai muncul ke permukaan. Prediksi sang blogger/stylist tampil berani dan penuh warna ketika dipakai oleh Rama.

Hey para lelaki, marilah dicoba gaya yang ini.


1 Sep 2011

Snap on the go: shoes shoes shoes

Snapped by: Annisa

at Taman Suropati, Jakarta

It is unfortunate that I no longer wear masculine shoes, I mean I was a big fan of Converse All Star, couldn't make my walk without it. But, as I enter a certain age, girly flat shoes found me, and until now, I'm hooked. Still, it was refreshing to find a girl who could wear manly ankle boots, combined with floral top, and a fresh smile. Nice.

Sayangnya saya sudah lama tidak pakai sepatu yang modelnya maskulin. Dulu sih saya selalu pakai Converse All Star kemana-mana. Nyaman banget soalnya. Tapi, pada usia tertentu (catatan: saya enggak setua itu yaa), berbagai sepatu datar yang cantik mulai menebarkan pesonanya. Namun, saya senang begitu bisa bertemu dengan perempuan yang berani mengkombinasikan ankle boots yang macho, dengan atasan motif bunga, ditambah senyum manis. Nice.