3 Oct 2011

View from the Row: H.E by Mango

Snapped by : Laila

H.E by Mango
Jakarta Men's Fashion Week 2011
Plaza Indonesia

For those of you who couldn't make it to the shows (like moi) last week, The Blanc Notes' Astriani and Laila fabulously managed to attend some shows and snapped great pictures from the runway. We'll post them this week, to get you in tune with the current buzz and trends.

We start with H.E by Mango. For it's Homini Emerito (abbreviated H.E) collection, Mango's cuffed jeans and pants definitely acknowledges the global menswear trend combining dandy with urban taste. Cardigans are not new for men in style, but combining them with your cuffed jeans instantly add breeze. Remember, casual does not equal slouchy.

Cuffed white pants, grey blazers, and shawls are must-haves. They are key items to level up your look.

Bagi yang tidak bisa menghadiri Jakarta Men's Fashion Week 2011 (seperti saya) minggu lalu, Astriani dan Laila untungnya menyempatkan diri mereka untuk mengikuti beberapa shows dan memotret koleksi dari berbagai merk. Seminggu ini The Blanc Notes akan melaporkan Jakarta Men's Fashion Week 2011, to get you in tune with the current buzz and trends.

Kita akan mulai dengan H.E by Mango. Untuk koleksi Homini Emerito (yang disingkat H.E), Mango mengikuti tren global untuk menswear: cuffed jeans and pants, mengkombinasikan selera yang dandy sekaligus urban. Cardigans memang bukan hal baru untuk men in style, tapi mengkombinasikan cardigans dengan cuffed jeans memberikan efek kasual tersendiri. Ingat, tampil santai tidak berarti berantakan.

Cuffed white pants, grey blazers dan shawls wajib dimiliki untuk level up your look.


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