29 Jul 2011

Snap on the go: eye-candy

Snapped by : Laila

Recognize this guy? Angga? The dude with the blue star tattoo? In this picture, he's transformed his looks with cute eye-candy colors. Just to live up to his machismo image in the first picture, he's added a small-sized cowboy hat. Man enough fo' ya? 

Masih ingat sama Angga? Yang punya tato bintang biru itu? Di foto ini si Angga agak-agak bertransformasi dengan warna-warna imyut dan unyu, ala gulali. Biar agak macho sedikit, mukanya ditutup small-sized cowboy hat. Teuteup lekong kok, cyiiin.


Kautsar Anggakara said...

Haha i dont mind the flair comment - at the very least it shows my versatility (huek) - but dont u think that moslem fundamentalist style sendal gunung should be a blancnotes no no???? Though it really comes in handy in Ubud, sih

Blanc said...

"moslem fundamentalist style" bwahahahaha *LOLs*

But your sandals make your look totally wearable, especially for guys.
Well, a pair of leather sandals or moccasins would fail Ubud, yes?